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Akathisti Vekri Art Producer-Mentor-Activist


I am respectfully contacting you in the forum.

I have gained the expertise to successfully address many challenges faced by a company to include negotiation of interest terms with banks, maintaining accurate
accounting records and financial reports which a company will depend on for decision
making purposes, and providing advice on insurance policies.
Also I am a blockchain enthusiast ,very fond of disruptive technologies and in data science ethics.

In addition to my strong background, I combine a keen interest in the fashion industry .
I was invited from the British fashion council to attend in ONASSIS centre in Athens, the latest convention about the future in sustainable fashion , with many special guests such as
Briggitte Steputis of Vivienne Westwood , Mrs Orsola DE CASTRO ,Mrs Tamsin Blanchard fashion editor master class ,and many others important quests.
I am a member of οne planet handled with care and of Fashion revolution Greece and an editor for Ethical ode and responsible for the sustainable designers section for the Raise your voice festival.
Also I am an executive adviser as a GSTC certified consultant of the president of the Greek National Tourism Organization for sustainability issues cyclic economy in tourism and human rights section and SDGs consultant from University of Copenhagen.

Also in politistical industry and communication as a marketeer and producer of several
events and conventions and special vip’s events industry.

Characterized by others as a hard worker, quick thinker-learner, aspirational, very detail
oriented, and very attentive to the demands of daily work procedures I possess keen
instincts and the ability to quickly adapt to a multicultural environment offering high
standards of service.

I am interested in interviewing with you or one of your associates.
I can be reached at 0030 694 6677050 to arrange for an interview at a mutually
convenient time.

” Excellent communication, judgment, and problem-solving skills;
” Attention to detail, exceptional organization and time management skills;
” Able to work in a fast-paced environment and effectively handle multiple tasks;
” Building strong business relations with creditors, credit rating agencies, and banks;
” Pro-active and dedicated; Strong sense of ownership and accountability.